Who will attain the state of trainquility?



“Who has attained the state that gives tranquillity,
peace, and happiness to the heart?” asked a young woman.

The sheikh replied,
“Through the companionship of good people
who have the qualities of God,
and through listening to the teachings of wise sages who have
learned the wisdom which has no attachment to the world:
One who does selfless duty
One whose heart dwells within God’s
grace, love, and goodness
One who fills his heart with patience
One who makes sabur, or inner patience,
the staff with which he walks in life
One who sees faith in God as the strength in his heart
One whose absolute faith in nothing other than God
is the protecting umbrella for all the difficulties
and troubles in his life
One who hands over all responsibility to God
in doing his duty
“One who does these things
will attain the state that gives
tranquillity, peace, and happiness to the heart.”

Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.)
The Golden Words of a Sufi Sheikh- pg. 193


The Light!

Come, my children. Look up, and you will see a resplendent light with many brilliant colored lights emanating from its center. From this one great resplendence, ninety-nine smaller lights are emerging, some much brighter than others. Each one of those lights contains within it another ninety-nine lights, and within each one of them, there are yet another ninety-nine. Endless groups of ninety-nine within ninety-nine are revolving within that great resplendence. Look at them. So much can be seen with each one.

Now direct your wisdom and your qualities solely on the resplendence in the center. Surrender to it and remain focused on that one point until you come to a state in which you can speak to it. Focus all your thoughts, your mind, your intentions and your whole being on that light in the center and listen to what it says. Can you hear each ray speaking to you? Listen to every atom of that sound. Absorb each word and be absorbed in that light alone. Fix the focus of the life of your soul and your heart on that resplendence.

The radiant power in the center is Allah. And the lights you see emerging from Him are His qualities and His duties and actions, or wilayats. They rule all the universes in this world and the next. My grandchildren, you must make your wisdom, qualities and good conduct disappear into that resplendence. You must seek only to surrender to that light. Your one thought must be, “Accept me.”

It was in such a state that Moses (a.s.) spoke to Allah on Mount Sinai. And it was through this light that Moses (a.s.) met God. In the same way, your eyes, your wisdom and your faith, certitude and determination, your iman, must not turn toward anything else. They must all be directed solely toward that one point of Allah. To Him, you must say, “Only You are God, Ill-Allah.” To everything else you must say, “There is nothing other than God. La ilaha.” Now, let your soul journey directly to that point of surrender and become a part of the light.

~Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ra), A Mystical Journey, Chap. 6, pp. 81-82

And He exists beyond the beyond of religions….


There is One God.

He created all beings,

And He exists beyond the beyond of religions,

Beyond the separations of race,

Religion, and philosophies.

He is beyond mind, desire, and physical vision

He is beyond the world, lust, torpor, and illusion.

God resides in that spotlessly pure place known as the heart

And sees and knows everything.

He sees each and every heart and mind and understands all things.

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

True Islam only brings peace…

bawa-muhaiyaddeen-in-sri-lanka-1977Isläm does not usurp that which 
was given to another by God; 
it neither destroys nor takes anyone else’s place. 
There is no room in Isläm for hurting others, 
taking their possessions or their homes. 
Isläm sees its neighbors as brothers,
not as different or separate. 
It does not kill others. 
It shows them love, compassion, and patience, 
and gives them the wealth of ïmän, faith, sabür, inner patience,
shukür, contentment, and tawakkul, trust in God.
True Isläm brings only peace; 
it contains no enmity whatsoever.
We who are in Isläm must realize this 
and know that Allähu ta‘älä has given to every creation a place, 
a country, a spouse, a treasure, or a kingdom. 
We must be content and say, “Tawakkulun ‘alAlläh,
Alläh is responsible for everything. 
Al-hamdu lilläh, all praise is due to Him alone.”

Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.)
Islam and World Peace–pg. 85

We are all one…we are all One…

hands held

God and God’s family,
the community of mankind,
all came from one point.
The whole society of mankind is one family.
They all emerged from one God, one truth.
God has told us
that we are all different parts
of the same thing.
No matter what
our external differences may be,
we are all one.
We are all one.

Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.)
Come to the Secret Garden:
Sufi Tales of Wisdom, p. 133

No divisions…


All who have faith in God 
are striving and searching for the same thing. 
Therefore, we must have no divisions of race, 
religion, or caste, for wherever there are separations, 
we can never see God. 
Only in the place where no divisions exist can one see God.
These divisions keep us apart from His qualities,
from His grace, from His treasure, from His justice,
from His knowledge, and from His truth and peace.
They separate us from God.
Those who have such differences within will never find peace.

Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.)
Islam and World Peace, Explanations of a Sufi- pg. 54