sayings of Jesus, peace be upon him, from traditional Arabic sources…


sayings of Jesus, peace be upon him, from traditional Arabic sources, from an upcoming book by Hamza Yusuf...

According to Ahmad, Jesus was known
to have said, “Virtuous action does not
consist in doing good to someone who
has done good to you—that is merely
returning a favor. Virtuous action consists
in doing good to those who have wronged
you.” ……. Ahmad

Jesus said, “You will never obtain what
you desire except through patience with
what you despise.”

Jesus, the son of Mary, said, “God has
given me the power to give life to the dead,
sight to the blind, sound to the deaf; but
He did not give me the power to heal the
fool of his foolishness.”


the four natures of Quran….


“In a discourse on the nature of the Quran, Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq said,

“The Book of Allah is of four natures: al-‘ibarah, that is to say, the text, that is for the common people; al-Ishara, i.e. allusions that are for the select (khawass) al-lata’if, that is fine mysteries that are for the friends of God (awliya); and finally, al-haqa’iq, the truth which is for the Prophets (anbi’ya)”

The manifest meaning of the revelation (al-Zahir) can be understood by ordinary people (al-nas) who accept the principles of religion and observe its commands such as the daily prayers, fasting and other rituals. The inner meaning of the revelation however, can be understood only by those who have purified their hearts and those who have emptied it form anything other then God, as the Quran testifies: ” Verily, this is indeed a nobel Quran , in a Book kept hidden, which none touches except the purified”.

God the Almighty says in the Quran ” Verily, We gave the Book as an inheritance to those whom we have selected from among our servants.” It is obvious that what is meant by the Book is not only the Nobel Quran in its descended form (kitab munzal), but more importantly, the reality of the Quran that is Kitab al-maknun.

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib asked the Prophet ” O Messenger of God! How would I spread your message to people after you?” The Prophet answered, ‘inform people of the non-manifest meaning (ta’wil) of the Quran, that is difficult for them [to understand]. Only God Knows Quran’s reality and reveals it only to the Pure (mutahharun) and those who are steadfast in knowledge (rasikhun fil’ilm)” When a man asked Imam Sadiq who the steadfast in knowledge are, he replied that “They are the progeny of Muhammad.”

In another discourse on the Quran, Imam Jafar al-Sadiq said:

‘ Verily God taught His Messenger the science of interpretation of the Quran (tanzil and ta’wil), then he taught those sciences to Ali and by God, Ali taught them to us.”

Tuhfah Yi-Abbasi: The Golden Chain of Sufism in Shi’ite Islam” by Shaykh Muhammad Ali Mu’addhdhin Sabzawari Khurasani translated by M. H. Faghfoory

salutations upon our beloved prophet…



To be drawn into the Light of Allah and not be blinded,

O brothers and sisters, repeat with longing and with love:

as-salatu wa-s-salamu alayka Ya Rasulallah

as-salatu wa-s-salamu alayka Ya Habiballah

Heartfelt and profound greetings to your sublime soul,

O incomparable Prophet and uniquely beloved one of Allah.

—Atom from the Sun of Knowledge

Book Review: Jihad or Ijtihad by S Irfan Habib

Aaganz World

“While Europe was still stuck in the Dark Ages, scientists in the Islamic world were translating Aristotle, and making huge strides in astronomy, mathematics and philosophy. Two thousand years later, the idea of ‘scientific progress’ seems to be locked in a hopeless war with Islam. When and how did Islam lose its enthusiasm for the workings of the natural world?”

S Irfan Habib, the celebrated Historian, has gifted us a great book with meaningful insight into the history of Islam and has tried to question the ambiguous idea of ‘Islamic science’ as a category distinct from ‘modern’, ‘Eurocentric’ science. Jihad or Ijtihad challenges stereotypes, as well as propaganda.

The author traces the evolution of the myth of Islam being pitted against modernism and challenges the idea by dwelling upon the life and works of the visionaries of the nineteenth century and continuing with the modern day ideologues. He cites the…

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No divisions…


All who have faith in God 
are striving and searching for the same thing. 
Therefore, we must have no divisions of race, 
religion, or caste, for wherever there are separations, 
we can never see God. 
Only in the place where no divisions exist can one see God.
These divisions keep us apart from His qualities,
from His grace, from His treasure, from His justice,
from His knowledge, and from His truth and peace.
They separate us from God.
Those who have such differences within will never find peace.

Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (Ral.)
Islam and World Peace, Explanations of a Sufi- pg. 54


In the Name

of the All-Merciful,

All-Compassionate One


Allah created the heavens and the earth!


Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet-(click)

by Ibrahim Abdul-Matin

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Anas reported that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, 

“If the Hour is about to be established

and one of you was holding a palm shoot,

let him take advantage of even one second

before the Hour is established to plant it.