A Prayer to Aditi for help and protection

1  Aditi is sky, and air’s mid-region, Aditi is the father, son, and mother,

Aditi all the Gods and the Five Nations,  Aditi what is now and what is future.

2  We call for help the Queen of Law and Order, great mother of all those whose ways are righteous,

Far-spread, unwasting strong in her dominion, Aditi wisely leading, well protecting.

3  Sinless may we ascend, for weal, the vessel, rowed with good oars, divine, that never leaketh,

Earth, our strong guard, incomparable Heaven, Aditi wisely leading, well protecting.

4  Let us bring hither, in pursuit of riches, Aditi with our word, the mighty mother,

Her in whose lap the spacious air is lying: may she afford us triply-guarding shelter!aditi


Morning Consecration to Dhat, the Essence of Life, The Feminine Divine, The Holy Mother of the Universe


O My Queen, My Mother!

O Queen of all and Universal Mother,
The One True Womb,
I offer my self entirely to You.
Give birth through me:
bread for Your hungry ones,
healing for Your sick ones,
protection for your forests,
and for your animals,
joy in places of sadness,
safety for those in danger,
light for the ones lost in the dark.
To show my devotion to You, Beloved One,
I give You my eyes,
that they may see the work that You need me to do.
I give You my ears that I may listen to Your voice in my heart
as it directs me to work I am called to do for You throughout the day.
I give You my mouth as You give me words to speak
that stands up for justice and gives a voice to the oppressed.
I give You my heart that I will love all beings unconditionally as You ask me to do.
My whole being is Yours, O Merciful and Loving Mother,
O Source of All Wisdom, O Wondrous Protector and Friend.
I sacrifice my self to you and dedicate again this morning my day to You.
Keep me within Your protection and possession,
do not let me go and allow me to be eternally deserving of Your love.
In Your Holy Name, Mary/Isis/Sophia, I pray.
So Be It


Oh, Ma Kali, for a long time now…

by Mahendranath Battacharya

English version by Rachel Fell McDermott
Original Language Bengali

Oh Ma Kali, for a long time now
You’ve masqueraded in this world
as a clown.
But I am punished inside
and there’s nothing funny about Your jokes.
Oh Ma, sometimes You’re the air we breathe,
sometimes the sky in the seventh underworld
furthest away, and
sometimes the water in the sea
You assume so many forms!
I have traveled to countless lands
and worn countless costumes; even so,
Your marvels — ha! — never cease.

Premik says,
My mind is a cad; that’s why it’s sunk
in attachments. Why else
would these tricks of Yours
keep working?

Ink On My Face and Hands .:. by Kazi Nazrul Islam


Ink On My Face, Ink On My Hands
by Kazi Nazrul Islam
there’s ink on my hands, ink on my hands
ink on my face, Goddess
the neighbors laugh
my education amounts to nothing …
I see “ShyaMa” in the letter “M”
and Kali in the letter “K”
and I dance and clap my hands
only my tears multiply when my eyes
see the black marks in the times-tables
I love not the alphabet’s shades of sound
your beautiful black is not among them
but Goddess, in the leaves in the forest
in the waters of the sea and in the sky
I can read every word you write
let them call me illiterate.
Kazi Nazrul Islam was the National Poet of Bangladesh
he was both a Sufi and a Shakta and venerated Fatima and Kali as theaphanies of the Great Goddess in his poetry and song
he makes extensive use of wordplay to bring out the subliminal connections between the visual language alive in words and makes references to the cross-cultural Hurufi mystery tradition that has survived in certain Sufi communities