Kali Durga


Morning Consecration to Dhat, the Essence of Life, The Feminine Divine, The Holy Mother of the Universe


O My Queen, My Mother!

O Queen of all and Universal Mother,
The One True Womb,
I offer my self entirely to You.
Give birth through me:
bread for Your hungry ones,
healing for Your sick ones,
protection for your forests,
and for your animals,
joy in places of sadness,
safety for those in danger,
light for the ones lost in the dark.
To show my devotion to You, Beloved One,
I give You my eyes,
that they may see the work that You need me to do.
I give You my ears that I may listen to Your voice in my heart
as it directs me to work I am called to do for You throughout the day.
I give You my mouth as You give me words to speak
that stands up for justice and gives a voice to the oppressed.
I give You my heart that I will love all beings unconditionally as You ask me to do.
My whole being is Yours, O Merciful and Loving Mother,
O Source of All Wisdom, O Wondrous Protector and Friend.
I sacrifice my self to you and dedicate again this morning my day to You.
Keep me within Your protection and possession,
do not let me go and allow me to be eternally deserving of Your love.
In Your Holy Name, Mary/Isis/Sophia, I pray.
So Be It


Mother Mary…

The mother was the stepping-stone of Jesus to Christhood.

— Sayings of Hazrat Inayat Khan:

Gayan – Chalas


Morning Consecration to Mary

My Queen, My Mother, I offer

myself entirely to thee.

And to show my devotion to thee,

I offer thee this day, my eyes,

my ears, my mouth, my heart,

my whole being without reserve.

Wherefore, good Mother,

as I am thine own,

keep me, guard me as thy property and possession.


Playlist of Hildegard Von Bingen compositions for the Mother

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I Trust

Look to the Star
Call upon Mary!
In danger, in difficulty
or in doubt,
think of Mary,
call upon Mary,
Keep her name on your lips,
Never let it pass
out of your
heart. Following
in her footsteps,
you will not go astray:
praying to her,
you will not
fall into despair:
thinking of her
you will not err.
While she keeps hold
of your hand,
you will not fall …
you will not grow weary …
you will have no fear …
Enjoying her protection,
you will reach the goal.

(Saint Bernard)

Mother, Mother, Mother

Mother Mother Mother!

I have never wept for God!

Let me weep for You!



Take my tears,

they are a sacrifice,

willingly I give my life

for a glimpse of You,


O Precious One, O Wisdom,

O Light of the Universe,

O Lover of of every heart of every creature,

I wish I was your only one,

Love me

as if You have no other.

Take my tears.

They are diamonds,


I will give them to You,

they are every breath of my life.

I return them to You.

Let me die so that Your Face is all there is.

I feel so alone.

I have never wept for You.

Your child is so cold.

Warm her heart

so that she can cry, her tears falling

while You embrace her,

while You embrace Her.




Drink the tears,

in my dreams I am

becoming a Sea of Mercy

within You,

Don’t awaken me until it is true!


ya Shechina!


A man was reading Surat al-Kahf and had beside him a horse tied with a long

supple rope. Suddenly, he noticed a cloud approaching him and circling over him,

getting closer and closer. The horse started moving constantly away from the cloud.

In the morning, the man came to the Noble Prophet and told him what happened.

The Prophet responded: “Keep on reading; this was Shechina (Divine Tranquillity)

descending because of the Qur’an.”



She is the One,  who brings Herself  to them as the Essence of Shechina,

   experienced as tranquility in  the hearts of the faithful;

adding faith to their faith;

all Her servants, both in the heavens and the earth are guided by Her commands.

She is All-Knowing, All-Wise. 

-Quran 48:4-

Two Part Article on the Divine Feminine from Technology of the Heart

unknown_sheThese links are posts from a must read blog, Technology of the Heart.  The blog is Sufi oriented and includes the kind of wisdom many mystics long for.  I have followed it for many years.  With my love for the Essence of the Love of Mother and the Mysteries that hide beneath Her Veils, I loved this amazing reverent two part post on the Divine Feminine in Islam and Fatima.

Divine Feminine in Islam and Fatima – Part 1

Divine Feminine in Islam and Fatima – Part 2

Whether symbolic or esoterically understood, Fatimah is considered the mother of the Faithful.  I do not mean to insult Muslims by claiming she is God, but there are many stories, especially in the Shia tradition, which tell us that she is made of the Divine Nur.  For mystics, this creates a very profound connection to the Divine.  And, in fact, she is called Princess of the Universe.  For those who know her as such, to call Her the Divine Light of the Universe is not to insult Her or Islam, but to honor both to the highest degree possible.

At the end of the blog post on the Divine Feminine in Islam and Fatima – part 2, the blogger shares some links to other sources and I would like to share two of them here because they have influenced me a great deal as a Sufi whose heart knows and loves her Mother.

The Gnostic Cult of Fatima – Louis Massignon

Fatimah, Mary and the Divine Feminine in Islam

It may be said that today about The Mother that many Muslims do not speak of Her, but the Sufis have not forgotten Her.  It might even be said there are Muslims who believe Her Name means idolatry or giving form to the formless. But just as it is the love between earthly mothers and children that matters. And it is the Essence and Attributes of Divine Compassion and Mercy (dhat/sifat of the very Bismillah)  which is connected to rahem, the Arabic word for womb.  These connections are found frequently in Islam and this connects us to the quality of maternal quality of love. Imagine how great is the Love of the One who created us!  This is the reason we instinctively long for a relationship with the Beloved!

And so our Love for the Beloved  is primal.  Can you feel it?