Is She calling?

Maa-durga-devi-navratri-wallpaper-258Perhaps the Divine Mother is calling Her prodigal children back home to her waiting arms. Perhaps She is reminding us that there is much in the unseen that our modern world gravely needs. Grace. Compassion. The belief in the power of love to conquer injustice and evil.”

-Mary Saracino, She Is Everywhere


Invocation to the Holy Shekinah

Kodesh Imma, Kodesh Kallah

Holy Mother, Holy Bride,
We invite you, we welcome you –
Please enter!

Ruach Ha-Elijah (Spirit of the Prophets)
Ruach Ha-Enoch (Spirit of the Initiates)
Ruach Ha-Messiah (Spirit of the Anointed)

Ruach Ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit)

O Queen of Heaven and Earth
Holy Shekinah:

We open our minds and hearts and lives to you,
And pray you enter and indwell;

Uplift us now into the Bridal Chamber,
Bring us into the embrace of the Beloved,
So that we might put on our Supernal Image,
To shine with Light above and below;

Be the Divine Spirit, inwardly illuminating us with the Living Word
and Wisdom,
And in this way lead us in the path of righteousness,
So that we might be a sign of hope to the people,
In good times and bad;

We pray for the liberation of the people and the land from all darkness;
We pray for the healing of all illness and dis-ease;
We pray for the Divine Illumination of all living spirits and souls!

May all holy sparks be gathered in; May the Divine Light shine forth!

We pray for the resurrection and ascension of this Good Earth;
Amen and amen.

Breath of Spirit (Lawh-i huwwa munfikhu ‘r-ruh) by Baha’u’llah

Adi_Shakti,_the_Supreme_Spirit_without_attributesIn the name of the one who breathed spirit into the bodies of the words by means of the holy and illumined spirit.

Praise be to God that the invisible springs of life that were concealed behind the divine veil are now abundantly flowing from the reality of the Word by virtue of the confirmations of the exalted holy spirit. Yes, the renowned fountain of life, in search of which some have set out, was said to bestow physical life. But the spring of life that flows unseen in the words of the All-Praised grants eternal life and holy spirit. The origin and site of the former fountain is the gloom of the earth. The genesis and cause of this spring is the tresses of the beloved.

For the houri of meaning had been concealed from all eternity behind the pavilions of divine purity. Then she sought permission from the holy court of the sovereign to depart from the chambers of spiritual solitude and enter the compassionate, divine assemblage, and to shed upon the worlds of holiness and unity one of the hidden rays of epiphany. At that point, a crier from the source of the most great divinity and the treasury of the most grand lordship called out, saying that no creature who would accept this effulgence and radiance could be seen. Therefore, the command was given that a new creation and an unprecedented handiwork be brought into being. All the people of the concourse on high and those who dwell beneath the canopies of eternity were stricken with bewilderment, wondering from what element this new creation would be fashioned, and from what reality it would take its being. Continue reading