Is She calling?

Maa-durga-devi-navratri-wallpaper-258Perhaps the Divine Mother is calling Her prodigal children back home to her waiting arms. Perhaps She is reminding us that there is much in the unseen that our modern world gravely needs. Grace. Compassion. The belief in the power of love to conquer injustice and evil.”

-Mary Saracino, She Is Everywhere


Thou workest Thine own work….

O Mother, all is done after Thine own sweet will;
Thou art in truth self-willed, Redeemer of mankind!
Thou workest Thine own work; men only call it theirs.



Oh, Ma Kali, for a long time now…

by Mahendranath Battacharya

English version by Rachel Fell McDermott
Original Language Bengali

Oh Ma Kali, for a long time now
You’ve masqueraded in this world
as a clown.
But I am punished inside
and there’s nothing funny about Your jokes.
Oh Ma, sometimes You’re the air we breathe,
sometimes the sky in the seventh underworld
furthest away, and
sometimes the water in the sea
You assume so many forms!
I have traveled to countless lands
and worn countless costumes; even so,
Your marvels — ha! — never cease.

Premik says,
My mind is a cad; that’s why it’s sunk
in attachments. Why else
would these tricks of Yours
keep working?