The soul brings light….

The soul brings its light from Heaven; the mind acquires its knowledge from earth.

Therefore, when the soul believes readily, the mind may still doubt.

Bowl of Saki, March 3, by Hazrat Inayat Khan




Self-pity is the worst poverty;

it overwhelms man until he sees nothing but illness, trouble and pain.

                         Bowl of Saki, January 29, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

If one studies one’s surroundings one finds that those who are happy are so because they have less thought of self. If they are unhappy it is because they think of themselves too much. A person is more bearable when he thinks less of himself. And a person is unbearable when he is always thinking of himself. There are many miseries in life, but the greatest misery is self-pity.

Man is mostly selfish, and what interests him is that which concerns his own life. Not knowing the troubles of the lives of others he feels the burden of his own life even more than the burden of the whole world. If only man in his poverty could think that there are others who are poorer than he, in his illness that there are others whose sufferings are perhaps greater than his, in his troubles that there are others whose difficulties are perhaps greater than his! Self-pity is the worst poverty. It overwhelms man and he sees nothing but his own troubles and pains, and it seems to him that he is the most unhappy person in the world, more so than anyone else.

A great thinker of Persia, Sa’di, writes in an account of his life, ‘Once I had no shoes, I had to walk barefoot in the hot sand, and how miserable I was. Then I met a man who was lame, for whom walking was very difficult. I bowed down to heaven at once and offered thanks that I was much better off than he who had not even feet to walk upon.’ This shows that it is not a man’s situation in life, but his attitude towards life that makes him happy or unhappy.  …

When Jesus Christ said, ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God,’ this teaching was an answer to the cry of humanity: some crying, ‘I have no wealth,’ others crying, ‘I have no rest,’ others crying, ‘My situation in life is difficult,’ My friends are troubling me,’ or, ‘I want a position, wealth.’ The answer to them all is, ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.’

Hazrat Inayat Khan on going with the will of God….

Gayan-012, Alapa-12 Whichever path you choose, the right or the wrong, know that there is at the back always a powerful hand to help you along it.

   Since God is almighty, the wise see the Hand of God in the greater power, 

manifesting either through an individual or by a certain condition or situation, and instead of struggling too much against the difficulties in life, and instead of moaning over the losses which cannot be helped, they are resigned to the Will of God.

  In short, every plan that a person makes, and his desire to accomplish that plan,

is often an outcome of his personal will; and when his will is helped by every other will that he comes in contact with in the path of the attainment of a certain object, then he is helped by God. As every will goes in the direction of his will and so his will becomes strengthened, often a person accomplishes something which perhaps a thousand people could not have been able to accomplish. Then there is another person who has a thought, a desire, and finds opposition from every side; everything seems to go wrong, and yet he has the inner urge which prompts him to go on in the path of attainment. There also is the Hand of God behind his back, pushing him on, forward in his path, even though there might seem oppositions in the beginning of his strife– but all is well that ends well.

The Unity of Religious Ideals – The Will, Human and Divine

Mother Mary…

The mother was the stepping-stone of Jesus to Christhood.

— Sayings of Hazrat Inayat Khan:

Gayan – Chalas


Morning Consecration to Mary

My Queen, My Mother, I offer

myself entirely to thee.

And to show my devotion to thee,

I offer thee this day, my eyes,

my ears, my mouth, my heart,

my whole being without reserve.

Wherefore, good Mother,

as I am thine own,

keep me, guard me as thy property and possession.


Playlist of Hildegard Von Bingen compositions for the Mother

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I Trust

Look to the Star
Call upon Mary!
In danger, in difficulty
or in doubt,
think of Mary,
call upon Mary,
Keep her name on your lips,
Never let it pass
out of your
heart. Following
in her footsteps,
you will not go astray:
praying to her,
you will not
fall into despair:
thinking of her
you will not err.
While she keeps hold
of your hand,
you will not fall …
you will not grow weary …
you will have no fear …
Enjoying her protection,
you will reach the goal.

(Saint Bernard)

Prayer for the Peace of the World by Hazrat Inayat Khan


O Thou, The Almighty Sun
whose light cleareth away all clouds.

We take refuge in Thee
King of all men, God of all deities,
Lord of all angels.

We pray Thee
dispel the mist of illusion
from the hearts of the nations
and lift their lives
by Thy all-sufficient power.

Pour upon them
Thy limitless love
Thy ever-shining light
Thy everlasting life
Thy heavenly joy
and Thy perfect Peace.


True happiness is in love….

“True happiness is in love, which is the stream that springs from one’s soul. He who will allow this stream to run continually in ammaall conditions of life, in all situations, however difficult, will have a happiness which truly belongs to him, the source of which is not without, but within. If there is a constant outpouring of love one becomes a divine fountain, for from the depth of the fountain rises the stream and, on its return, it pours upon the fountain, bathing it continually. It is a divine bath, the true bath in the Ganges, the sacred river.”

~Hazrat Inayat Khan

the message of peace….

HIKDid Jesus Christ come to form an exclusive community called Christian, or Buddha to found a creed called Buddhism? Was it Muhammad’s ideal to form a community called Muhammadan? On the contrary, the Prophet warned his disciples that they should not attach his name to his message, but that it should be called Islam, the Message of Peace.

Hazrat Inayat Khan