Isis the Divine Mother


From The Golden Asse….

cropped-goddess2.jpgWhen I had ended this orison, and discovered my plaints to the Goddesse, I fortuned to fall asleepe, and by and by appeared unto me a divine and venerable face, worshipped even of the Gods themselves. Then by little and little I seemed to see the whole figure of her body, mounting out of the sea and standing before mee, wherefore I purpose to describe her divine semblance, if the poverty of my humane speech will suffer me, or her divine power give me eloquence thereto. First shee had a great abundance of haire, dispersed and scattered about her neck, on the crowne of her head she bare many garlands enterlaced with floures, in the middle of her forehead was a compasse in fashion of a glasse, or resembling the light of the Moone, in one of her hands she bare serpents, in the other, blades of corne, her vestiment was of fine silke yeelding divers colours, sometime yellow, sometime rosie, sometime flamy, and sometime (which troubled my spirit sore) darke and obscure, covered with a blacke robe in manner of a shield, and pleated in most subtill fashion at the skirts of her garments, the welts appeared comely, whereas here and there the starres glimpsed, and in the middle of them was placed the Moone, which shone like a flame of fire, round about the robe was a coronet or garland made with flowers and fruits. In her right hand shee had a timbrell of brasse, which gave a pleasant sound, in her left hand shee bare a cup of gold, out of the mouth whereof the serpent Aspis lifted up his head, with a swelling throat, her odoriferous feete were covered with shoes interlaced and wrought with victorious palme. Thus the divine shape breathing out the pleasant spice of fertill Arabia, disdained not with her divine voyce to utter these words unto me: Behold Lucius I am come, thy weeping and prayers hath mooved mee to succour thee. I am she that is the naturall mother of all things, mistresse and governesse of all the Elements, the initiall progeny of worlds, chiefe of powers divine, Queene of heaven! the principall of the Gods celestiall, the light of the goddesses: at my will the planets of the ayre, the wholesome winds of the Seas, and the silences of hell be diposed; my name, my divinity is adored throughout all the world in divers manners, in variable customes and in many names, for the Phrygians call me the mother of the Gods: the Athenians, Minerva: the Cyprians, Venus: the Candians, Diana: the Sicilians Proserpina: the Eleusians, Ceres: some Juno, other Bellona, other Hecate: and principally the Aethiopians which dwell in the Orient, and the Aegyptians which are excellent in all kind of ancient doctrine, and by their proper ceremonies accustome to worship mee, doe call mee Queene Isis. Behold I am come to take pitty of thy fortune and tribulation, behold I am present to favour and ayd thee, leave off thy weeping and lamentation, put away all thy sorrow, for behold the healthfull day which is ordained by my providence, therefore be ready to attend to my commandement. This day which shall come after this night, is dedicated to my service, by an eternall religion, my Priests and Ministers doe accustome after the tempests of the Sea, be ceased, to offer in my name a new ship as a first fruit of my Navigation. I command thee not to prophane or despise the sacrifice in any wise, for the great Priest shall carry this day following in procession by my exhortation, a Garland of Roses, next the timbrell of his right hand: follow thou my procession amongst the people, and when thou commest to the Priest make as though thou wouldest kisse his hand, but snatch at the Roses, whereby I will put away the skin and shape of an Asse, which kind of beast I have long time abhorred and despised, but above all things beware thou doubt not nor feare any of those things, as hard and difficill to bee brought to passe, for in the same houre that I am come to thee, I have commanded the Priest by a vision what he shall doe, and all the people by my commandement shall be compelled to give thee place and say nothing! Moreover, thinke not that amongst so faire and joyfull Ceremonies, and in so good a company that any person shall abhorre thy ill-favoured and deformed figure, or that any man shall be so hardy, as to blame and reprove thy suddaine restoration to humane shape, wherby they should gather or conceive any sinister opinion: and know thou this of certaine, that the residue of thy life untill the houre of death shall be bound and subject to me! And think it not an injury to be alwayes serviceable towards me, since as by my meane and benefit thou shalt become a man: thou shalt live blessed in this world, thou shalt live glorious by my guide and protection, and when thou descendest to Hell, where thou shalt see me shine in that subterene place, shining (as thou seest me now) in the darkness of Acheron, and raigning in the deepe profundity of Stix, thou shalt worship me, as one that hath bin favourable to thee, and if I perceive that thou art obedient to my commandement, addict to my religion, and merite my divine grace, know thou, that I will prolong thy dales above the time that the fates have appointed, and the celestial Planets ordeined.

Morning Consecration to Dhat, the Essence of Life, The Feminine Divine, The Holy Mother of the Universe


O My Queen, My Mother!

O Queen of all and Universal Mother,
The One True Womb,
I offer my self entirely to You.
Give birth through me:
bread for Your hungry ones,
healing for Your sick ones,
protection for your forests,
and for your animals,
joy in places of sadness,
safety for those in danger,
light for the ones lost in the dark.
To show my devotion to You, Beloved One,
I give You my eyes,
that they may see the work that You need me to do.
I give You my ears that I may listen to Your voice in my heart
as it directs me to work I am called to do for You throughout the day.
I give You my mouth as You give me words to speak
that stands up for justice and gives a voice to the oppressed.
I give You my heart that I will love all beings unconditionally as You ask me to do.
My whole being is Yours, O Merciful and Loving Mother,
O Source of All Wisdom, O Wondrous Protector and Friend.
I sacrifice my self to you and dedicate again this morning my day to You.
Keep me within Your protection and possession,
do not let me go and allow me to be eternally deserving of Your love.
In Your Holy Name, Mary/Isis/Sophia, I pray.
So Be It


Hymn of Isidorus to Isis-Hermuthis (Part 2)

Warning: If you are a Muslim, you might find this uncomfortable to read.  You are used to reading about God as anthropomorphically male so reading about the Lady of 10,000 Names will seem sacrilegious to you.  Please know that this is the way of patriarchal conditioning. While we know God is beyond gender, we also know that the Feminine Principle and Masculine Principle are aspects of Divine Being.  Do not be afraid to believe in Her.  She is as real as He is.  Neither One is idolatry; it is merely the conditioning of thousands of years going back thousands upon thousands of years that has left us believing it is wrong to refer to the Beloved One by the Feminine Name.  Yet we are at a crucial point in time.  We must speak Her Name.  And for centuries the Universal Mother who came to be known throughout the world had the Name, Isis. She is not an idol. She is a part of the Divine Reality.  And it is not a coincidence that ISIL chose Her Name. The battle of Love and Light calls us to rise up with all parts of of the Divine Reality, including those the patriarchal suppressed thousands of years ago.  Those who are called by the Names Sophia, Divine Wisdom… Shekhinah, Divine Presence and many other Names.  And at one time throughout much of the world, we know that Isis was the aspect of God/dess called by countless Names, including Lord.


Isis is the Universal Mother, the Cosmic Mother, the Creator of the Universes, the Light that came from the Light, the Light that is our Light.  Unlike other deities in the pantheons of many parts of the world, Isis became known as the One.  Yet She intimidated the patriarchy, the men who sought to overpower and control women. So much so that they attempted to bury Her and the voice of women with Her.

Yes, the Cosmic Mother is Real. She is Brahman. She is Waheguru. She is Allah.  And, yes, She was even in the Bible when it was pure, before they tried to destroy Her.  Before they believed they could write Her out of existence.  And for centuries only those who had seen the Supreme Being with the Awakened Eye would see Her.

They knew what no one else knew. She was there.  When people read the Old Testament in English, they are unaware of Her existence. They don’t know that there is a Feminine Aspect the patriarchy forced underground.  The Goddess became the enemy of the “true believer”.  Every Sacred Feminine Pronoun was sacrificed to the masculine.  And it is time for all of us to restore Her to Her rightful place. Its time to push away the lies that told us that the Feminine Side of God was the enemy of God.

The reason terrorist groups like ISIL exist today is “centuries of male tyranny” is their demigod and he, like shaytan, seeks to create a world so out of balance, that only hatred and darkness will exist.  It was created out of imbalance and an inability to to create Unity.  Imagine a world where no baby was allowed a mother and you will get a glimpse of what our world has suffered for thousands of years without Her.  The demigod was created from the fractured relationship between the male and female aspects in humanity and in its relationship to the spiritual world, especially to the world the soul sees, the soul behind the veils, beyond most people’s awareness.  As male created the impression that is natural for the masculine to dominate the feminine, the world lost its natural order.  You can’t fight the laws of the universe without a great cost.

But Isis has called Her Warriors to come fight with Her now.  She calls all of us, men and women.  The Sacred Feminine exists within every man and woman.  It isn’t imagined. Not allowing Her to be mentioned doesn’t make Her go away.  But now She is calling Us as She is a part of us, nearer than near.  That little spark that comes to life sometimes…we have all felt Her whether we know Her Name or not.

“Damn the tyranny!” She cries, “I have broken out of the prison!  I am ALIVE!”

She isn’t idolatry.  She is Real.  She is the Divine Reality.  An aspect of the One. Shunning Her will not kill Her.  Embracing Her will not be the the end of you.  By shunning Her, you shun the One altogether.  It isn’t possible.  It is the yin and yang … that ancient wisdom that knew the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine must exist together in order for the Infinite Unity to exist.

Only the most superficial understanding of the Divine, makes the Divine Feminine two breasts and a vagina. This is how much they have brainwashed you into thinking you must love the Lord as Lord and not as Lady.  This is how come you are allowed to praise Him and not Her.  Because you have been forced to submit to the God of men!

When two lovers unite, this is the ultimate expression of that Unity.  My teacher said compare the ankh to the cross and you will see how the Feminine Divine was cut off from Her children.  In all paths to the Divine, the soul longs to unite with its Beloved.  Two must exist for the path to become One.  The Infinitely Named is not chaos, it is a call to marriage between the heart and its Lover.  And in the realms of the Divine there are both Feminine and Masculine, soul and spirit. The Light of Fatima and the Light of Muhammad…the Light of God is both.

For the mystic lovers, the Feminine and Masculine must exist together for the Beloved to exist at all.  If man or woman ceased to exist, we would cease to be.  This is a symbolic way to understand the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine call to Union.

And Isis is the All-Woman in One. She searches for Her Lover, Her Beloved. She cannot exist without Him!!!!  If we do not worship Isis as the Mother and Lover, we will never find peace in this world.  Call Her what you will.  Call Her the Compassionate.  Call Her the Beloved.  Call Her the Creator.  Call Her the One who is nearer to you than Your jugular vein. You need not call Her at all.  She is already with You.  Allah’s Throne is Her Universe. She is the Shakti, She is Life Itself.

As the Sufis say, “Die before you die!”  And you will know the Beloved in this life.

Once you recognize Her existence, you will know you will know Truth in every cell of your being. She is the Sophia.  Wisdom, She is Precious.  And She is the Shekhiinah.  The Presence and Tranquility of Allah. When She touches You, You believe in Her more than ever.  You feel as though Her embrace has healed every hurt and the Light shines (because it does).

With Her we will be the Warriors who fight off the chaos of shaytan.  Your Nur (Divine Light) will shine because  you will work with the Shakti (the Essence and Energy) of the Universes.  We will restore the balance.  We will allow every soul its way to the Divine as it was always meant to be.  Union and Unity between lover and Beloved will end the violence of the tyrannical.

We need this illusion of duality to cease as soon as possible.  As humanity will recognize the Supreme Reality that makes us One, whether consciously or not, the Nur of Allah will shine through every heart pushing back the demigods.. You need not call the path with this Light by  Isis.  You need not call Her anything at all.  She is there; closer than your jugular vein.  Both men and women are nearer than near to Her.  You just need to recognize Her existence and that one example of free will sets loose a thousand suns (the Nur) of Divine Rays of Light who can destroy the illusion of darkness that currently exists in the world.

Hymn of Isidorus to Isis-Hermuthis (part 1)

Wien_KHM_Isis_I_158Hymn of Isidorus to Isis-Hermuthis

(Not from Philae; from the temple of Isis Hermouthis)
Giver of wealth, Queen of the Gods, Hermouthis, Sovereign Lady ruler of all. O Good Fortune, Isis of great name, Deo (Demeter) most high, Discoverer of all life; manifold works were your concern so that you might give sustenance to mankind and good rule to all; and you laid down the laws that justice might exist, and you gave skills that life might be becoming, and you discovered the flowery nature of all fruits. Because of you heavenand the whole earth were established, and the blasts of the winds and the sweet-shining sun.Through your power all the courses of the Nile are filled in the early autumn season, and most vehement waters are poured over the entire land, that the produce may grow unfailingly. All mortals who live on the boundless earth, Thracians, Hellenes, and all that are barbarians, call  you by your beautiful name, greatly honored among all, each in his own tongue, each in hisown land. The Syrians call you Astarte, Artemis, Anaia, and the Lycian tribes call you Leto,the Sovereign, the Thracians call you also Mother of the gods; the Hellenes call you Hera of the Great Throne and Aphrodite, and good Hestia and Rhea and Demeter;But the Egyptians call you Thiouis (“the only One”), because you alone are all other goddessesnamed by the races of men. Mistress, I shall not cease your great power to sing, immortal Saviour, of many names, Isis most great, You who save from war cities and all their citizens,men, (their) wives, possessions, and dear children. All who are held in prison, destined to die,and all who are troubled by long painful sleeplessness, and all men wandering in a foreignland, and all those who sail the sea in great storm, when men perish and ships are destroyed: all these are saved when they invoke your presence. Hear my prayers, you, whose name has great power, be merciful to me, relieve me from all pain.