The Ocean…

sea-67904_640The Opening (fath) is the sudden opening of Divine Reality and thus the end of illusion.  It is like a snow ball thrown into the ocean, the snowball symbolising the nafs or ego and the ocean being Divine Reality. The snow ball is nothing else than frozen water and when thrown into the ocean it becomes water again, like a small drop in the ocean. The ego has only an transitory existence which is mere illusion if it is taken on its own separated from its origin. In like manner to the snow ball if one is sure of one’s own present state, and one’s consistence of the moment, it appears very different from water as if it were made of a different substance and has a quite different nature, in reality it consists only of a few drops of water similar to all the other drops in the ocean. There is only one water but it exists in different forms and states.

There is no reality but Divine Reality.’ La ilaha IL L’ALLAH ‘ (There is no Deity except Allah)

Shaykh Sidi Hamza el Qadiri el Boutchichi




The Prophet, peace be upon him, said. 

“Whoever says: there is no God but God enters Paradise.”

Narrated by Tirmidhi, Qiyama 11; Abu Dawud, Sunna 31; Ibn Maja, Zuhd 37; and Ahmad 3:213.

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The Prophet, peace be upon him said, 

“Whoever says there is no God but God enters Paradise

even if he commits adultery and even if he steals (i.e. even if he commits great sins).”

Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim from `Ubada ibn al-Samit.