The Creation of the Light of Fatima (AS)


The Creation of the light of Fatima (AS)

Mohamed bin Jareer Altabari Narrated that Ibn Abbas said: A noble man of the Arabs came to the Messenger of Allah SAWA and said: O messenger of Allah, with what were you made better than we are when we were created from the same water? The Messenger of Allah replied: O brother! When Allah, glorified is His name, liked to create us, He said a word and that word become light, and then he said another, which became a spirit then He created me and created Ali, Fatima, Alhassan, and ALhussien. Then from my light He created His throne (universe), and I am holier than the throne, and He created the skies from Ali’s light and for that Ali is holier than the skies and created the moon from the light of Alhassan and for that Alhassan is holier than the moon, and He created the sun from the light of AlHussain and for that AlHussain holier than the sun. Besides He almighty, had plagued the earth with darkness but the angels could not bear that so they complained about that to Almighty Allah (sw), so He spoke to Gabriel (AS) saying: “take some of light of Fatima and put it in a lamp and hang it above the throne”. Gabriel (AS) did so and the seven skies and seven earths flourished and the angels of the skies prayed and prostrated. Allah (sw) then said “I swear by my might, pride, honour, glory, and elevated position, I will maintain the blessings of your glorification and reverence of Fatima, her husband, and her children and those whom love her until the Day of Judgment, and for that she was called “Alzahraa’”.
(Nur Almu’jizat by Altabri: page 83, printed by Imam Mahdi association, Qum).
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Breath of Spirit (Lawh-i huwwa munfikhu ‘r-ruh) by Baha’u’llah

Adi_Shakti,_the_Supreme_Spirit_without_attributesIn the name of the one who breathed spirit into the bodies of the words by means of the holy and illumined spirit.

Praise be to God that the invisible springs of life that were concealed behind the divine veil are now abundantly flowing from the reality of the Word by virtue of the confirmations of the exalted holy spirit. Yes, the renowned fountain of life, in search of which some have set out, was said to bestow physical life. But the spring of life that flows unseen in the words of the All-Praised grants eternal life and holy spirit. The origin and site of the former fountain is the gloom of the earth. The genesis and cause of this spring is the tresses of the beloved.

For the houri of meaning had been concealed from all eternity behind the pavilions of divine purity. Then she sought permission from the holy court of the sovereign to depart from the chambers of spiritual solitude and enter the compassionate, divine assemblage, and to shed upon the worlds of holiness and unity one of the hidden rays of epiphany. At that point, a crier from the source of the most great divinity and the treasury of the most grand lordship called out, saying that no creature who would accept this effulgence and radiance could be seen. Therefore, the command was given that a new creation and an unprecedented handiwork be brought into being. All the people of the concourse on high and those who dwell beneath the canopies of eternity were stricken with bewilderment, wondering from what element this new creation would be fashioned, and from what reality it would take its being. Continue reading

The Light!

Come, my children. Look up, and you will see a resplendent light with many brilliant colored lights emanating from its center. From this one great resplendence, ninety-nine smaller lights are emerging, some much brighter than others. Each one of those lights contains within it another ninety-nine lights, and within each one of them, there are yet another ninety-nine. Endless groups of ninety-nine within ninety-nine are revolving within that great resplendence. Look at them. So much can be seen with each one.

Now direct your wisdom and your qualities solely on the resplendence in the center. Surrender to it and remain focused on that one point until you come to a state in which you can speak to it. Focus all your thoughts, your mind, your intentions and your whole being on that light in the center and listen to what it says. Can you hear each ray speaking to you? Listen to every atom of that sound. Absorb each word and be absorbed in that light alone. Fix the focus of the life of your soul and your heart on that resplendence.

The radiant power in the center is Allah. And the lights you see emerging from Him are His qualities and His duties and actions, or wilayats. They rule all the universes in this world and the next. My grandchildren, you must make your wisdom, qualities and good conduct disappear into that resplendence. You must seek only to surrender to that light. Your one thought must be, “Accept me.”

It was in such a state that Moses (a.s.) spoke to Allah on Mount Sinai. And it was through this light that Moses (a.s.) met God. In the same way, your eyes, your wisdom and your faith, certitude and determination, your iman, must not turn toward anything else. They must all be directed solely toward that one point of Allah. To Him, you must say, “Only You are God, Ill-Allah.” To everything else you must say, “There is nothing other than God. La ilaha.” Now, let your soul journey directly to that point of surrender and become a part of the light.

~Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ra), A Mystical Journey, Chap. 6, pp. 81-82