Luminous sayings of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba


“My religion is the love of God.”


“Allah led me to Muhammad so Muhammad can lead me back to Allah.”


“When they put the chains on me, Allāh opened the doors of mystery for me.”


“The only weapons I will use to fight my enemies are the pen and the ink

that I use to write my poems in the glory of the Chosen One ﷺ.”


“ The fact that I was granted the privileged rank of servant of the Prophet

and the book is a true bounty from Allāh (the bestower) and not my will.”


“If you call me anything else except Abdullahi or Khadim al Rasul ﷺ

you have insulted me.”


“If you really aspire to attain lofty spiritual degrees, follow closely these recommendations of mine:

I advise you to strive hard for knowledge, show gratitude towards Allāh, be sincere in worship and generosity.

I recommend you to practice silence, patience and abstinence.

Do avoid wordiness and excessive sleeping, stay aside from aught that entails immorality and corruption.”


“The motive of my departure to exile is the will of God to elevate my rank

and to make of me the mediator between my people and the prophet ﷺ.”


“I have spoken to you, you have heard my words. I have left written scripts to your attention,

I have acted under your eyes; My life is my message.”



from the beginning of Jihad for Peace…

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim


” Beyond the value of Bamba’s life and teachings for specific ethnic
groups, he is a reminder of the adaptability and universality of the
religion to different cultures and peoples through its inner tradition…
Further study into the contribution Bamba made in the cultural and
spiritual revival of his people will demonstrate the significance his
universal message and nonviolent struggle has for attaining peace in
the world today.”

— Michelle R. Kimball