The Creation of the Light of Fatima (AS)


The Creation of the light of Fatima (AS)

Mohamed bin Jareer Altabari Narrated that Ibn Abbas said: A noble man of the Arabs came to the Messenger of Allah SAWA and said: O messenger of Allah, with what were you made better than we are when we were created from the same water? The Messenger of Allah replied: O brother! When Allah, glorified is His name, liked to create us, He said a word and that word become light, and then he said another, which became a spirit then He created me and created Ali, Fatima, Alhassan, and ALhussien. Then from my light He created His throne (universe), and I am holier than the throne, and He created the skies from Ali’s light and for that Ali is holier than the skies and created the moon from the light of Alhassan and for that Alhassan is holier than the moon, and He created the sun from the light of AlHussain and for that AlHussain holier than the sun. Besides He almighty, had plagued the earth with darkness but the angels could not bear that so they complained about that to Almighty Allah (sw), so He spoke to Gabriel (AS) saying: “take some of light of Fatima and put it in a lamp and hang it above the throne”. Gabriel (AS) did so and the seven skies and seven earths flourished and the angels of the skies prayed and prostrated. Allah (sw) then said “I swear by my might, pride, honour, glory, and elevated position, I will maintain the blessings of your glorification and reverence of Fatima, her husband, and her children and those whom love her until the Day of Judgment, and for that she was called “Alzahraa’”.
(Nur Almu’jizat by Altabri: page 83, printed by Imam Mahdi association, Qum).
(Albihar by Almajlisi: volume 37, page 84, printed by Alwafa association).


Oh the flower of heavens by Zartash Askari

Siyer-i_Nebi_-_Muhammad_gibt_Fatimas_Hand_Imam_AliOh the flower of heavens … a lyrical tribute to Fatima Zahra (S)

By: Zartash Askari

Oh Fatima (SA)
The lady of light
Daughter of our Prophet (SAW)
The soul that is whiter than white
On the highest of the heavens
You are praised by all the lands
Mother of Hassan and Hussain (AS)
Beauty of Islam
Zahra (SA) your light is shining
Brighter than the sun
Oh the flower of heavens
You are the only one
The apple of Muhammad’s (SAW) eyes
The wife of Ali (AS)
The role model for all women.

live in the world as if….

prophet's fam

“ In regard to the world be as if you were going to live forever.

With respect to the Hereafter, be as if you were going to die tomorrow.”

~ Imam Hassan

Work for this world as if you are going to live forever,

Prepare for the Hereafter as if you are going to die tomorrow.

~ The Prophet via Al-Bazzar and Al-Tabarani

knowledge is better than wealth…

“Everything has its Tax,

and tax of knowledge is to teach it to others.”

Imam Ali


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“Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you.

While you have to guard wealth,

it decreases if you keep on spending it,

but the more you make use of knowledge,

the more it increases.

What you get through wealth disappears

as soon as wealth disappears

but what you achieve through knowledge

will remain even after you.”

Imam Ali